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A. Pesticide inerts and Adjuvants

Pesticide and adjuvant formulations today are pushing the limits of formulation technology. Newer active ingredients are often bringing difficult formulation constraints – limited solubility, tendencies toward crystallization or Ostwald ripening, or sensitivity to water. Pesticides with more than one component bring the challenges of selecting the optimal formulation type and then finding the best inerts to create that product.

Adjuvants are commonly providing two, three, or more functionalities in one product. Formulation challenges like these demand a broad range of inert and adjuvant choices, and a partner with the technical know-how to solve new problems. We invite you to put our technology to work in your formulations.

B. Micronutrients

Plants require nutrition not only from the macronutrient fertilizers – nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium (NPK) – but also from micronutrients like zinc, manganese, iron, magnesium, and calcium. Though these nutrients are needed in much smaller quantities than the NPK fertilizers, they are no less important for strong, healthy plants and high yields. For example, zinc plays a key role in metabolism, in plant growth and enzyme systems, and zinc is also important in the synthesis of chlorophyll and carbohydrates. Manganese activates several important metabolic processes, and it plays a key role in photosynthesis and chlorophyll production. Iron plays a key role in chlorophyll formation, acts as an oxygen carrier, and aids in the formation of respiratory systems.

BASF micronutrients are chelated – specifically, they are the aminocarboxylate type. Chelates preferentially bind metal ions like a claw; bound metal ions lose most cationic character. This means they resist being “tied up” by soil components, and provide superior bioavailability of the nutrient to the plant. Chelated micronutrients are immune to many problems faced by inorganics and other micronutrient types. Advantages of synthetic chelates include higher solubility, better absorption in plants, compatibility with a broad range of soil pH, consistent quality, and resistance to microorganisms.

BASF offers a broad range of chelated micronutrient products, including liquid-based Trilon® micronutrients and now complemented by the Librel® and ChauFer® solid micronutrients from Ciba.

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